Friday, February 14, 2014

Animals in the USA by Ander

Grizzly bear:
Grizzly is a brow bear. Grizzly bear are 2.5 metres tall and weiht 360kg.Grizzly bears eat plants, fish,and animals. And are dangerous.they attack humans.

Bald eagle:
Its the emblem of the USA. Bald eagles eat fish and small animals. The bald have got excellent vision. The bald eagles can see preys from distance.

Alligator: Alligators live in fresh water. They're similar to crocodiles but with triangular heads. The alligators are 2.7 meters long they eat fish, birds and animals.

Raccoon: The raccoons  live in forests. their fur is black and white. The raccoons are omnivores .They eat fruit, eggs, insects,  fish and frogs. Raccoons sometimes  attack domestic animals.

Prairie dogs:  These aren't dogs . They are Prairie dogs. The Prairie dogs bark like dogs . The prairie  dogs live in holes in the ground they hibernate in  winter.

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