Thursday, June 14, 2018


The "poo bug" has a Fulgorid head, Wild Turkey legs and a Impala tail. He is very tiny animal but he's very strong. Thanks to his nose he can kill tiny bugs and eat them. He can fly with his wings but when it rains it gets wet and he can't fly. It has a tail that it seems a poo. The scientists call it "the Poopipong Bugigung". It's very intelligent although he has a very tiny brain. He pisses with his head and he shits a many times. It is aquatic and terrestrial. The reproduction is called the "chacachumba" and to give birth they have to shit.

My own project by Gorka

                                      My own project (by Gorka)
                          My name is Jeff

His name is (my name is Jeff) but his friends call him This is  America. He has a yellow billed Hornbill head, fulgorid legs and a Wild Turkey tail. It´s very big and he looks like a monster with a lot of legs. It lives in a lake in the jungle.

It likes playing football and he´s the best player of the world, he also likes dancing in the dance floor because it always wins. It eats worms and snails that finds behind the land. It also likes to eat people that has the name Leire or Joseba because they are tasty. It protects his body with his tail. The hunters hunts him because his eyes are very expensive in the market.

At night he leaves his lakes to finds Josebas and worms. During the day he sleepes inside the lake. His only friend is Marcus Level that lives with himwho is a rat and he only says "I like Fortnite".

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Female football Nerea and Oier

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Female football nerea and oier

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018




The lionfish is a strange fish. Lionfish are beautiful but is very dangerous. They can sting you with their longs spines.

Sea turtle

Sea turtles is big and heavy, but they are good swimmers. Their hard shell protects them from dangerous fish. They come onto beaches to lay eggs. Turtles are in danger because people want their shells and eggs.


Octopus live in every ocean. They come in all colours and sizes. They have eight tentacles. Use their tentacles to help them swim and catch things to eat. When a fish attacks them, they can squirt ink at it and swim away.

Coral reefs

Coral reefs look like rocks, but they're really made of millions of tiny animals. Coral reefs are home to thousands of fish and other sea animals. 

Sea anemone

Sea anemones look like plants, but they are really animals. They catch small fish with their tentacles. The clowfish is the sea anemone friend.

Sea dragon

Sea dragon is beautiful. Is liven in warm water in the Pacific Ocean. It swims slowly through the seaweed. 


Crabs have ten legs. They can live in the water on the beach. They have a hard shell and two of their legs have pincers. The japanese spider crab is the bigger crab in the world.


Dolphins are the most intelligent animal in the sea. They live in family groups. They can swim very fast and jump above water. Sometimes dolphins play with people.


He has got a light on its head. When small fish swim to the light the anglerfish eat a small fish.


They are soft, they have no bones. Jellyfish look beautiful, but their thin tentacles can sting you. Jellyfish are very dangerous. Don't touch them.


These slow moving animals. They live in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Dugongs are also called sea cows because they eat green sea grass.

Manta ray

Its big fins look like a bird's wings. They only eat plankton. The manta ray is not dangerous.


Whales are the giants of the sea. They're mammals. They have warm blood and they have to breathe air.

Thursday, May 3, 2018



It`s a very misterious animal.It likes eating unicorn poo.But its favorite food are teachers.It`s got a squirrel head polar beard legs and gorila tail.It likes playing to the ps4 but each 30 minutes it goes crazy.It likes playin with unicorns.It`s got 3 years old but is very brave. It`s got a mum because its dad died in the mountain.But it lives very well.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


                                                   Frantics (by Gorka)

Frantics is a videogame for PS4 video console. To play it you have to have the PS4 and the videogame. To buy the videogame you have to buy it in a shop or from the PS Store. You controle your animal with your mobile phone and the controls are very easy. This videogame is from 3 years on.

This videogame is composed by 15 minigames. The minigames are all different. There is a fox that talks and teach. The maximun is 4 players, your friends are your rivals. You have to compete hard to win the game. If you win a game you have a crown and in the final, your crowns are your live.

This are some of the videogames:

Solitary run:

In this minigame you have to run to the finish line, you have to dodge the obstacles.


In this minigame you don´t have to fall from the platform but you can push the other players.


You fall from the sky and you can´t fall in a nosedive and crash on the floor. It wins the person who falls first with the parachute.


You are in a ring and there are bombs falling from the sky. You can take the bombs and throw them to other players. It wins the player who doesn't explode.

Resultado de imagen de FranticsResultado de imagen de FranticsResultado de imagen de Frantics

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LE TONGUE by Oihan


                                                                      LE TONGUE by Oihan
Tongo was born on September 24, 1957 in the district of El Tambo, 1 a city located in the province of Huancayo, department of Junín, Peru. It was registered on April 11 of the same year due to the certification procedures.

As an only child, 2 migrated to Lima to earn a living as a seller.1 His first songs were performed by the group Kiwishow.2 In 1981 he formed the Imagination. At the end of the 1990s he achieved fame with the songs "La pituca" and "Sufre peruano. In 2001 he played the song to raise funds for those affected by Mesa Redonda, however, the accusations ended up interrupting his artistic career.
In 2007 when the cumbia had a place on radio and television, through the sudden death of the members of Néctar, it once again stood out on the scene with a controversial presentation on Jaime Bayly's program. In The Sniper he promoted the English version of his song "La Pituca" . Other versions were also made in other languages.1In March of 2007 he appeared in the discos of Balneario of Asia, where he sang his most representative songs. It was also presented in 2011 and 2016, some of his songs are: Mix Numb, Mix Let it bi, Mix Chop suey ...