Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recipe pink ice cream Andrea

RECIPE  for:Pink  ice cream


250g  strawberries                        
1 plain  yoghurt
Juice  of  1/2 lemon
100g  raspberries
    (fresh or frozen)
4 tablespoons  sugar
2 tablespoons  cream
1 paket  vanilla  sugar


First, puree  the  fruit  into  a  big  bowl.
Add  the  sugar , vanilla  sugar  and  lemon  juice. Mix  well.                                                    
Next  whip  the  cream.
Later, Add  the  yoghurt  and  the  whipped  cream  to  the  fruit..
Mix  well. Pour  into  indivinual  bowls.
Finally ,Freeze  the  ice creams  for  2 hours.
stir  with  a  fork. Freeze  them  for  another  hour.


NEW  WORDS: Raspberries: frambuesa = plain: natural: frozen:congelado =
bowl: cuenco = mix:  mezclar

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