Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bruce Willis by Antxon Erice

His name is Walter Bruce Willison.
He's 56 years old.
He was born on the 19th March 1955.
He's Pisces.
He's got some homes in California, Florida, Montana, Idaho and two apartments in New York.

He's jobs were waiter, truck driver and musician.

In1985 Bruce Willis got a role on a very popular American TV series.

He's plays an effects. Before he play Armageddon on 1998 and The fifth elements on 1997. Now he plays in a lot of films of " Die Hard". The first film he played on 1988 the second he played on 1990, the third on 1995 and the last the fourth on 2007.

He likes old cars and music. He plays the guitar. He played on a music group. On 1987 he recorded a CD, its name is Respect yourself.

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